Our Approach to Education: At JCS, we believe in letting curious minds search for answers. As educators, we work at inspiring our children to explore the world around them. Our teachers nurture the spirit of scientific consciousness in our students and rely on alternate forms of teaching and imparting practical knowledge.


Learning for Tomorrow

Students in school today will retire by next fifty years. The education we impart today has to find relevance for them in the future.Our system of teaching allows children to discover the world as it evolves around them. It helps them take this new knowledge and adapt it to their needs. We help them learn the new, lead their peers and achieve success on their mettle.


Tapping the Inner Genius

Children hold immense potential in their formative years (Classes 1 to Viii). At JCS, the ideal student to teacher ratio ensures that every hidden talent is brought to the fore and nurtured. Whether your child excels in sports or any other form of extra-curricular activities, JCS has the facilities and the infrastructure to take it forward.

Today, with hundreds of students entrusted to our care, we believe that JCS is making the right kind of difference in the lives of students. Education by inspiration is how we approach our pupils. These students are our future, one that we want to see shining on as examples for all to see.


Best in class fleet of School Buses is provided for the convenient and comfortable pick and drop of the students from their door steps. All the Government Norms are taken care of for the safety and security of the kids. Capable and experienced driver and a kid friendly lady attendant is provided in each bus.

Parent-Teacher Meeting

Parent teacher meeting is a prominent and notable feature of the school curriculum. The motive is close interaction of parents with teachers with regard to the progress shown by their wards and finding workable solutions to the problems coming in the way of development of their ward. It is mandatory for all parents to attend the Parent Teacher Meeting. In case of an extreme situation where the parent cannot attend, written intimation should be provided. If the child is not making the desired progress, parents are welcome to contact the Principal, Vice Principal, Class Teacher or the concerned Subject Teacher so as to discuss remedial measures that can be taken. Such meetings however will be arranged on appointments made through the office of the Principal and on no account should parents contact the teachers in their classrooms directly.

Mobile App for Teacher – Parents Communication

21st Century is the time of technology. Keeping in view the requirement of best communication system between Teacher & Parents a Specially Designed Mobile APP has been introduced by the school. This APP makes parents personally in touch with the school as they get informed about the Attendance, Results, Home Work, Assignment, Circulars etc.