Scheme of Study

NurseryLanguage Skills, Number Skills, Motor Skills, English Rhymes and Arts Education.

English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Health & Physical Education, Communicative Skills, English Rhymes and arts Education.


English, Mathematics, Environmental Science, General Knowledge,Health & Physical Education,Communicative Skills, English Rhymes and Arts Education.

First & Second

English, Punjabi, Mathematics,Environmental Science, Computer Studies,General Knowledge, Health & Physical Education,Value Education and Arts Education.

Third, Fourth & Fifth

English, Punjabi, Hindi,Social Studies, Mathematics,Science, Computer Studies,  SPUW General Knowledge, Health & Physical Education,Value Education, Arts Education.

Sixth,Seventh & Eight

English, Punjabi, Hindi, History & Civics, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Studies, Health & Physical Education, Arts Education, GK and SUPW.
9th & 10th (ICSE)

Compulsory Subjects: English, Punjabi, History & Civics, Geography, Computer Science, Physical Education & SUPW
Optional Subjects:
Group I: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology
Group II: Mathematics & Economics
Group III: Economics & Commercial Studies
11th & 12th (ISC)

Compulsory Subjects: English, Punjabi, Physical Education & SUPW
Optional Subjects:
Group I: Commerce: Accounts, Business Studies & Economics
Group II: Humanities: History, Political Science & Economics
Group III: Medical: Physics, Chemistry & Biology
Group IV: Non-Medical: Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics

Scheme of Examination & Promotion
The academic year is divided into two terms. In order to develop a habit of regular studies, the two terms include Unit Tests in addition to the Mid Term and Final Term. The performance is calculated as:

Months Of ExamsMayJulySeptemberNovMarch 
Nature of EvaluationUnit IUnit IIMid TermUnit IIIFinal TermAnnual Report
Theory40 804080 
Assignment 40   
Internal Assessment1010201020 
Weightage for periods10%10%20%10%50%100