Computer Lab

A computer Lab is equipped with latest hardware and software. Lab designed in Such a manner that children can work independently. They start with Paint Brush, go on Windows Operating System, MS-Office, HTML, Coreldraw etc. It is major part of regular syllabus and the subject of computer sciences continues up to class X.


To enhance the scientific, mechanical and technical skills students are regularly taken to the science labs. The school has very well-equipped modern and well-furnished Labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Here they understand the practical application of the scientific law and principles.

Maths Laboratory

With the view to hone the mathematical skills of the students and improve their proficiency in mathematics, they are given regular practice in the math lab.

Smart Class

Besides computer lab, Computer Aided Lessons are a regular feature of the school Curriculum. SMART class is organized for Classes Nursery to 10th where audio and video Lessons are taught. The students have one to One interaction with their colleagues and Teachers.



The Library is extremely well stocked, Catalogued and managed by librarian. It Contains reference books and resources Selected by each subject teacher to enhance Understanding of their subject. Materials Related to ICSE examinations are also located In the library so that students can access Syllabus and past papers. In addition, we Subscribe to a wide range of periodicals and Magazines which provide both intellectual Stimulation and relaxation. Our library also has A varied range of fiction in English, Punjabi and Hindi, which cater to all age groups and Reading levels.